Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November All Books Half Off!!

I woke this morning thankful!

My first order of business was to choose a story to be shared for What's The Scenario Wednesday. I've enjoyed giving sneak peeks at WIP (works in progress) and stories that you will certainly love. Then I stumbled upon another sweet bit of news.

Black Butterfly since it's October release has done remarkably well. I've sold more copies of Black Butterfly in the first week than I have of my 'Best Seller' Daisy's Choice. Today I learned that Black Butterfly has made the Top Ten Best Seller List at My first time!

Oh but that is just the cherry. Yesterday I walked on clouds after learning from a sweet fellow author that my book Buttercup is up for a reward at Romantic Times in the Indie Erotic Fiction category. The mere fact that Buttercup received a nod from such a respected organization in the Romance Community has me giddy.

I will admit I've been a bit worried lately. I often wonder about my writing career. With all the piracy going on of IR books and authors like Crystal Hubbard, Sharon Cullars, and Rosyln Holcomb throwing in the towel from writing, I fear what success will mean for my work. Can I make it as a Indie author in this industry? How far can I really go alone? Will my readers lose interest and abandon me?

After the sweetest first two weeks in November my muse and I sat down pondering those questions. We decided the sky is the limit! Success depends solely on me, and there aint no stopping me now!

To celebrate the successes and the support I've received from fans I am happy to tell you all that on "Black Friday" November 25th, I will be offering every book by Sienna Mynx and TA Ford for 50% off at ARE, Bookstrand, Amazon, B&N and Smashwords! So if there is a book you've been waiting to read! Be sure to swing by any of those sites and get your copy then.

Also this month releases should include Mi Carino, and Illegal Affair III
Let's have a wonderful holiday. I have so much to be thankful for. Mostly I want to say today, Gracias, to all of you!!!

Buttercup Receives Nomination from RT!!

I'm so happy! Tonight I learned that Buttercup has been nominated for the Romantic Times 2011 Indie Erotic Fiction Award. Last year I attended the Romantic Times Convention. It was my first. There I met and spoke at length with Brenda Jackson, LA Banks and Delilah Devlin. As a small independently published author I sat in awe of some of the mega house talent around me and the publishing houses. I never considered myself a contender, but I sure as hell proudly shared with everyone I could who I am and what my work is about.

Tonight another author sent me an email. It said 'Congratulations'. I was confused by the email and contacted her asking what she congratulated me about. I had no idea. I know I may not win, to be honest there are some heavy hitting authors in the same category. And big name publishing houses as well. But damn it, I finally get what it means when someone says: It was great just to be nominated!

Please visit the RT and leave a comment on my nomination if you've read the book! Every thing counts! Buttercup Review

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Facebook Fan Page

Have you joined Sienna Mynx's Facebook fanpage. It's a great way to learn the latest updates on upcoming novels, and to leave comments on your favorite stories. Be sure to stop bye and join today: The Divas Pen Fan Page

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Battaglia Update!

Rico Elbaz is Giovanni Battaglia!

Yesterday I got a update from Rico! The Vegas photo shoot for my Mafia Series 'Battaglia' went off lovely! Oh Wait! I haven't told you? Well honey, let me be the first to dish! Rico Elbaz has signed on to do my Mafia Series cover as my sexy mafia Don Giovanni Battaglia. He and a lovely African American model shot photos for the upcoming book covers. I can't tell you how EXCITED I am. Rico is sooooo sexy, and he's part Sicilian! Yummy! He's perfect.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Win a Kindle Fire!

That's right ladies. It's up to you. The Kindle Fire is the latest and greatest edition to the e-reader mania. A cross between the advance technology of a IPAD with the sleek ease in design for shelving and purchasing e-books, this is a must have. As shared before the competition requires that you are currently a member of the Sienna Mynx Yahoo group. Have you registered? Do so today!

What are the contest rules? The Divas Pen wants to reward a loyal reader and fan who has been a consistent follower, supporter, and reviewer of Sienna Mynx Works. In the Yahoo Group you will find questions on the last two books released by Sienna Mynx. You will need to answer all 12 and send an email of your completion to The email should be sent in before midnight October 14th. Each participant will include a lucky number between 1 and 4. The number that is chosen the most will narrow the pool for the drawing. Example: Everyone has chosen lucky number `3'. This means that the third person who sent in the correct answers is the winner. Tricky? Not really, it's a great fair way to chose the winner. Sign up today and send your answers in right away. So far we only have one participant so there remains time for you to win.

If you have any questions or concerns leave a note here on the blog and I will respond.

Good luck and may the best Diva win!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Reviews: Good, Bad, Hurtful?

I read once that most writers are introverts, shy, and withdrawn. That the creative process is such a personal journey for an author each book penned (good, bad, ugly) is an extension of them. Criticize their work and it's like you cut off an arm, a leg, some core piece of them. Think of your favorite doll as a child or toy truck. Think of how you loved and adored it with all your heart. Remember the fantasies you created for it, the world you escape into when you held it or ran it across the carpet. Then think of a person, a stranger, coming in with an axe or hammer and smashing it to pieces in front of you. Can you feel where I'm coming from?

That's why it comes as no surprise that I still cringe when I get the 'hated it!' review.

I've been published since 2008, but I started writing free stories in 2005. One would think that at this point I would have teflon skin. I wish. I've not had a lot of scathing reviews, and I freely admit that some of the unfavorable ones I received over the years shared insight into my stories that I was too close to see. But through it all, my golden rule is to sit back and read reviews in small doses as they trickle in but never engage. Nope, I can cry to my friends, and carry on.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pillow Talk Ebooks

I recently learned of a E-Book Store that features quality Interracial Romances. They even offer 'free reads' from some of the more popular Multicultural Romance Authors. How can one sleep on this? I want to invite my readers, to go over to and check out the features of this E-store.

I can share with you, that in the upcoming weeks I plan to release a free 'ebook' over there as well.
So swing on by!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love Lost and Love Gained!

Can I share how utterly excited and thrilled I am, to have joined forces with a writer who's work I've admired for years. Was My Girl is one of the many favorites spun by the genius of Madame Z. And she's turned the story and it's resurrection over to me!

So often I miss the 'story' in the Interracial Romance genre. It seems to me that the more popular this genre get's the more erotic the 'telling has become. Was My Girl, is my favorite story because it delves into the psyche of one man who's immaturity and inexperience at love costs him the most precious relationship he's ever known. Though the core of the story is the same, the rewrite has brought about such a great wealth of material that I'm excited to present it to you under the Mynx's pen. Was My Girl is also an excellent example of the supreme masterful storytelling done by Madame Z. Known for writing dark, sometimes speculative fiction, the pre-quel to Was My Girl is something you must read! Make sure to stay tuned for the release date, and information on the pre-quel. I can't wait to hear what you lovely ladies think!

The Diva's Pen Get's A Face Lift!

If you weren't aware, I'm happy to share that The Divas Pen has a new look and feel. The parent site to, The Divas Pen is where all new and upcoming details about the Mynx's work can be found.

I'm excited more than ever about this site change because I actually had a lot to do with the design and layout. More than I'm used too. With this accomplishment I feel as if I can take on the world. There is no better site to explore the sexy details of Interracial Romance. Be sure to stop bye and have a look!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Group at ARE for Multicultural Fiction

Hi ladies,
Slowly but surely the Romance community at large is beginning to recognize the authors and the readers of Multicultural Romance. Whether you enjoy paranormal, contemporary, historical authors of multicultural romance, the genre needs your support. ARE ( features most of your favorite authors. Now they have a group section dedicated to our genre, for readers and authors to comment and share.

Why should you care?

Ever read a IR book and wonder what are they thinking? Want to speak to the author or others about the book in detail?

Do you know of a author who writes original Multicultural Romance, that isn't featured in most forums you frequent and want to spread the word? 

Are you tired of not seeing diversity in Romance, and finding less and less of your favorite authors represented by not just e-publishers but big publishers at large?

Well a minute or two out of your time to sign up, and support this genre, can not only help your favorites but make a statement that we want and demand more.

I implore you to please stop bye and sign up, and introduce yourself. Tell everyone. It's my hope that this forum will exceed even ARE's expectations and be a place that publishers discover talent too. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Kindle / Nook / PDF Story - For those new to Sienna Mynx

As much as I love to get paid for my work, I really feel invested in those that support and follow me through my growing pains as a author. 

I was going through my long list of stories, and fastly writing for my releases this April when it dawned on me--what about offering free short stories as well as published ones?

That's when my World War II love novella came to mind. I used to offer it free online, but removed it. I think I will add it to the mix and release it to the masses. I believe it's under 5K words and sizzling enough to qualify.  I hope you enjoy it. It will be released this April 15th.

New Face To: Daisy's Choice

So excited! 
After careful working and reworking of Daisy's Choice, I realized that the cover design originally done was not quite right. Aiden was not quite right. Then I found my muse, the guy who I envision to be the ruthless Aiden Keane. So I met with my cover designer and we came up with a new cover that captures the characters perfectly. 

Daisy's Choice is slated for release on April 25th (tentatively the 15th). The story is one for the record books and I am so nervous about it's release. But after staring at this cover all night I'm beginning to believe that this story will fascinate and entertain just as the first did. I hope so!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sequel to Aiden's Game

It's been a helluva journey. Daisy's Choice was first written in May 2009. The story was a very in-depth look on the push and pull of old love and new beginnings. I had hoped that the rewrite would be a quick one for those requesting this sequel. It turned out to be a three month oddessy that has left me totally depleted and filled with pride.  If only it gives the reader the same experience will I have done my job!

- Sienna Mynx

Today - March 13th is the day I put the final stroke to the Epilogue and release a collective sigh. The story is over 140K words in length and 400 pages. I had no idea how long and involved it would be. But after several long hour debates (with my muse) I've decided to publish it as is. The love and hate between the characters could not be rushed or cliche'ed. Those that have grown to love these characters expect more. As an author I'm challenged with every story I write to give it 110%. Now I'm a little anxious and leery of the response the follow-up will receive.

I will share that Daisy's Choice, is not a romance. It's not erotica, it's definitely not a comedy. However, you will fall in love with coupling's, laugh at certain scenes and pump your fist in frustration at others. I guess the joy of self-publishing is the freedom to tell the story as it is, and let the readers decide it's value. That's what I will do with Daisy's Choice. The release is tentatively scheduled for mid-April. I can't wait to hear what you think!

Mel and Tia - In Love Again! A St. Patty's Day Treat

Fresh off the heels of the Amazon Best Seller 'Funny Valentine' comes the second installment in the Mel and Tia Trilogy.

Genre: Romantic Comedy (Multicultural BW/WM)
Publisher: The Divas Pen LLC
ISBN: 9780983381204
Price: $3.99
Length: 103 Pages

The Love of the Irish

An imperfect romance can be the sweetest love. The anticipated sequel to Funny Valentine is here…

Back then, there wasn’t a prison wall dense enough to keep me from dreaming. And you know what? Princess was always there. Didn’t know her name, couldn’t tell you what she looked like, but I knew how I wanted love between my woman and me to feel.

In my dreams, Princess would give me a baby of my own. My moms would have the grandbaby she always wanted. My brother Nicky was alive. Just random stuff that wasn’t supposed to be my life. Now I’m living it, minus my family, that is. I’m living my dream. And this man knows how to love and appreciate...

Melvin Reed is grateful for a second chance at happiness. A wife and kid is more than he ever thought possible, after the crimes and sins he’d committed. But that’s all changed. Now he’s well on his way to having it all. What he doesn’t understand is his lady’s determination to delve into a past he wishes to leave behind. Who cares if they’re different? For Melvin she’s perfectly matched for him in every way.

Tia Jackson Reed has it all. A husband she loves, a new baby on the way, and a life full of love. Married for just over four weeks, she’s determined to explore all the different levels of marital bliss. And to Tia, celebrating their cultural differences is the key.  So she enlists the help of her sisters to bring in a new tradition for the Jackson family: St. Patrick’s Day.

Will Tia’s plans for St. Patrick’s Day bring them face to face with the worst part of Mel, or unify them even more?

This St. Patrick’s Day, you are invited to share another glimpse of love between a man and a woman perfectly matched for each other.  

Another Melvin and Tia holiday treat!

Publisher’s Warning: Strong Sexual Content and Language

Monday, February 14, 2011

Daisy's Choice - Promo Video

I'm thrilled over the new work currently underway for Daisy's Choice. It's a labor of love trust me. But it is labor. The twisted manipulations, heartbreaks, new loves that you find in the sequel makes this one of my longest e-books to hit publishing. But I gaurentee you will love it. Stay tuned! Enjoy the Preview!

Valentine Day - Release!

Finally the first installment to my Mel and Tia Trilogy. A funny, unique, loving look at love between two people who are different but compliment each other in the most special ways.

I wrote this story in 2009 for a valentine contest and I was surprised at how vivid the characters were. How vivid they remain. I received some criticism for Mel's character because he had a urban persona. But I felt his history and his past gave meaning to who he was. I also thought it was a unique take on the IR Contemporary Romance's that are currently offered. I'm thrilled over how lovely this came together and I must say that I'm anxious to write the follow up. "St. Patty's Day Baby!"

I'm already shopping around the cover idea.
Funny Valentine is currently on sale at

You can sample My Funny Valentine READ EXCERPT HERE