Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sienna Mynx Lounge - Come Get Some!

We have now opened up the Sienna Mynx Lounge on facebook. Here many facebook fans can come and get inside details on work and progress, join book club discussions, get pre-releases from Sienna Mynx and great prizes.

We have over 130 members so far and it's growing every day. Do you frequent facebook? Are you interested in a place to chat with some awesome ladies about books you love and love to hate. You are welcome to come join us! It's so much fun!

Sienna Mynx Lounge

Sienna Mynx!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November All Books Half Off!!

I woke this morning thankful!

My first order of business was to choose a story to be shared for What's The Scenario Wednesday. I've enjoyed giving sneak peeks at WIP (works in progress) and stories that you will certainly love. Then I stumbled upon another sweet bit of news.

Black Butterfly since it's October release has done remarkably well. I've sold more copies of Black Butterfly in the first week than I have of my 'Best Seller' Daisy's Choice. Today I learned that Black Butterfly has made the Top Ten Best Seller List at My first time!

Oh but that is just the cherry. Yesterday I walked on clouds after learning from a sweet fellow author that my book Buttercup is up for a reward at Romantic Times in the Indie Erotic Fiction category. The mere fact that Buttercup received a nod from such a respected organization in the Romance Community has me giddy.

I will admit I've been a bit worried lately. I often wonder about my writing career. With all the piracy going on of IR books and authors like Crystal Hubbard, Sharon Cullars, and Rosyln Holcomb throwing in the towel from writing, I fear what success will mean for my work. Can I make it as a Indie author in this industry? How far can I really go alone? Will my readers lose interest and abandon me?

After the sweetest first two weeks in November my muse and I sat down pondering those questions. We decided the sky is the limit! Success depends solely on me, and there aint no stopping me now!

To celebrate the successes and the support I've received from fans I am happy to tell you all that on "Black Friday" November 25th, I will be offering every book by Sienna Mynx and TA Ford for 50% off at ARE, Bookstrand, Amazon, B&N and Smashwords! So if there is a book you've been waiting to read! Be sure to swing by any of those sites and get your copy then.

Also this month releases should include Mi Carino, and Illegal Affair III
Let's have a wonderful holiday. I have so much to be thankful for. Mostly I want to say today, Gracias, to all of you!!!

Buttercup Receives Nomination from RT!!

I'm so happy! Tonight I learned that Buttercup has been nominated for the Romantic Times 2011 Indie Erotic Fiction Award. Last year I attended the Romantic Times Convention. It was my first. There I met and spoke at length with Brenda Jackson, LA Banks and Delilah Devlin. As a small independently published author I sat in awe of some of the mega house talent around me and the publishing houses. I never considered myself a contender, but I sure as hell proudly shared with everyone I could who I am and what my work is about.

Tonight another author sent me an email. It said 'Congratulations'. I was confused by the email and contacted her asking what she congratulated me about. I had no idea. I know I may not win, to be honest there are some heavy hitting authors in the same category. And big name publishing houses as well. But damn it, I finally get what it means when someone says: It was great just to be nominated!

Please visit the RT and leave a comment on my nomination if you've read the book! Every thing counts! Buttercup Review

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Facebook Fan Page

Have you joined Sienna Mynx's Facebook fanpage. It's a great way to learn the latest updates on upcoming novels, and to leave comments on your favorite stories. Be sure to stop bye and join today: The Divas Pen Fan Page

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Battaglia Update!

Rico Elbaz is Giovanni Battaglia!

Yesterday I got a update from Rico! The Vegas photo shoot for my Mafia Series 'Battaglia' went off lovely! Oh Wait! I haven't told you? Well honey, let me be the first to dish! Rico Elbaz has signed on to do my Mafia Series cover as my sexy mafia Don Giovanni Battaglia. He and a lovely African American model shot photos for the upcoming book covers. I can't tell you how EXCITED I am. Rico is sooooo sexy, and he's part Sicilian! Yummy! He's perfect.