Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Day - Release!

Finally the first installment to my Mel and Tia Trilogy. A funny, unique, loving look at love between two people who are different but compliment each other in the most special ways.

I wrote this story in 2009 for a valentine contest and I was surprised at how vivid the characters were. How vivid they remain. I received some criticism for Mel's character because he had a urban persona. But I felt his history and his past gave meaning to who he was. I also thought it was a unique take on the IR Contemporary Romance's that are currently offered. I'm thrilled over how lovely this came together and I must say that I'm anxious to write the follow up. "St. Patty's Day Baby!"

I'm already shopping around the cover idea.
Funny Valentine is currently on sale at

You can sample My Funny Valentine READ EXCERPT HERE