Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fallen: Tale of A Dark God by Violette Dubrinsky

4 Star Rating

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned...

Scorned by Thanatos, one of the powerful Dark Gods, Aphrodite concocts a plan for revenge, the end result of which is Thanatos being stripped of his godhood and sent to live among humans.

And the pure shall redeem him...

Simone Randall is your average New York City journalist. She’s always looking for a good story, so when she’s invited to the most anticipated Halloween event of the year, she’s definitely going...even if she is a bit bummed at her lackluster life at the age of twenty-six. What she doesn’t expect is her fiery attraction to the sexy, dark haired, grey-eyed god at the event.

Thanatos does not believe in the “uniting mates” theme of the Ball, and he’s there for one reason only: to speak to the god of all gods about the reinstatement of his powers. His attraction to Simone comes as a surprise—be it welcome—as she is not his usual type. Will Simone be his salvation or will his attraction to this human prove more dangerous than he anticipates?

I must admit that I have been slack on my reading lately. And Fallen, has been on my list for several months. After reading the breakout novella by the talented Violette Dubrinksy I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining I found it. I'm not a big fan of Greek Mythology, though I believe most of it I read in my pubescent years to be so imaginative that I should I have been inspired before now. Mrs. Dubrinsky has made a fan out of me. 

Thanatos and his uber sexy brother Hypnos (they are twins) make you squirm when they enter the room. He a dark sexy Italian looking God with stony grey eyes and Hypnos his opposite with sky blue hypnotic eyes and golden blonde air, are tall, powerful, manly men. I was not the least surprised that Thanatos was cast out of Olympus by the jealous bitch Aphrodite's schemes. What I did find surprising was  when he was once smitten with the beautiful Simone he became such a caring gentle soul. The God of Death cares for fears and insecurities of humans? Becomes a compassionate lover? Makes you want to want to go over to the darkness with him? WICKED!!! I found his transformation to be nicely done and not forced upon me like most are when you read Alpha men softening for their soulmate. 

The courtship wasn't hurried, and the deflowering of Simone was sweetly done. Dare I say tastefully done. This is actually a story I would love to read more of. My only regret for this story is that Simone's backstory was fleshed out in the end but left me wanting to know more. Did she have any powers as a handmaiden? Were there ever clues to why she remained chaste? Because I believe it more than a coincidence that she was a virgin until she met Thanatos. I just feel there is more to tell. I also wanted Aphrodite to pay a price for her treachery. Something! Though I understand why as the daughter of Zeus it didn't happen. Still it left me wanting more. 

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I plan to read more of Violette Dubrinsky, and I suggest you do the same. Fallen is delicious treat! A keeper!