Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sequel to Aiden's Game

It's been a helluva journey. Daisy's Choice was first written in May 2009. The story was a very in-depth look on the push and pull of old love and new beginnings. I had hoped that the rewrite would be a quick one for those requesting this sequel. It turned out to be a three month oddessy that has left me totally depleted and filled with pride.  If only it gives the reader the same experience will I have done my job!

- Sienna Mynx

Today - March 13th is the day I put the final stroke to the Epilogue and release a collective sigh. The story is over 140K words in length and 400 pages. I had no idea how long and involved it would be. But after several long hour debates (with my muse) I've decided to publish it as is. The love and hate between the characters could not be rushed or cliche'ed. Those that have grown to love these characters expect more. As an author I'm challenged with every story I write to give it 110%. Now I'm a little anxious and leery of the response the follow-up will receive.

I will share that Daisy's Choice, is not a romance. It's not erotica, it's definitely not a comedy. However, you will fall in love with coupling's, laugh at certain scenes and pump your fist in frustration at others. I guess the joy of self-publishing is the freedom to tell the story as it is, and let the readers decide it's value. That's what I will do with Daisy's Choice. The release is tentatively scheduled for mid-April. I can't wait to hear what you think!