Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mel and Tia - In Love Again! A St. Patty's Day Treat

Fresh off the heels of the Amazon Best Seller 'Funny Valentine' comes the second installment in the Mel and Tia Trilogy.

Genre: Romantic Comedy (Multicultural BW/WM)
Publisher: The Divas Pen LLC
ISBN: 9780983381204
Price: $3.99
Length: 103 Pages

The Love of the Irish

An imperfect romance can be the sweetest love. The anticipated sequel to Funny Valentine is here…

Back then, there wasn’t a prison wall dense enough to keep me from dreaming. And you know what? Princess was always there. Didn’t know her name, couldn’t tell you what she looked like, but I knew how I wanted love between my woman and me to feel.

In my dreams, Princess would give me a baby of my own. My moms would have the grandbaby she always wanted. My brother Nicky was alive. Just random stuff that wasn’t supposed to be my life. Now I’m living it, minus my family, that is. I’m living my dream. And this man knows how to love and appreciate...

Melvin Reed is grateful for a second chance at happiness. A wife and kid is more than he ever thought possible, after the crimes and sins he’d committed. But that’s all changed. Now he’s well on his way to having it all. What he doesn’t understand is his lady’s determination to delve into a past he wishes to leave behind. Who cares if they’re different? For Melvin she’s perfectly matched for him in every way.

Tia Jackson Reed has it all. A husband she loves, a new baby on the way, and a life full of love. Married for just over four weeks, she’s determined to explore all the different levels of marital bliss. And to Tia, celebrating their cultural differences is the key.  So she enlists the help of her sisters to bring in a new tradition for the Jackson family: St. Patrick’s Day.

Will Tia’s plans for St. Patrick’s Day bring them face to face with the worst part of Mel, or unify them even more?

This St. Patrick’s Day, you are invited to share another glimpse of love between a man and a woman perfectly matched for each other.  

Another Melvin and Tia holiday treat!

Publisher’s Warning: Strong Sexual Content and Language