Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Win a Kindle Fire!

That's right ladies. It's up to you. The Kindle Fire is the latest and greatest edition to the e-reader mania. A cross between the advance technology of a IPAD with the sleek ease in design for shelving and purchasing e-books, this is a must have. As shared before the competition requires that you are currently a member of the Sienna Mynx Yahoo group. Have you registered? Do so today!

What are the contest rules? The Divas Pen wants to reward a loyal reader and fan who has been a consistent follower, supporter, and reviewer of Sienna Mynx Works. In the Yahoo Group you will find questions on the last two books released by Sienna Mynx. You will need to answer all 12 and send an email of your completion to diva@thedivaspen.com. The email should be sent in before midnight October 14th. Each participant will include a lucky number between 1 and 4. The number that is chosen the most will narrow the pool for the drawing. Example: Everyone has chosen lucky number `3'. This means that the third person who sent in the correct answers is the winner. Tricky? Not really, it's a great fair way to chose the winner. Sign up today and send your answers in right away. So far we only have one participant so there remains time for you to win.

If you have any questions or concerns leave a note here on the blog and I will respond.

Good luck and may the best Diva win!