Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love Lost and Love Gained!

Can I share how utterly excited and thrilled I am, to have joined forces with a writer who's work I've admired for years. Was My Girl is one of the many favorites spun by the genius of Madame Z. And she's turned the story and it's resurrection over to me!

So often I miss the 'story' in the Interracial Romance genre. It seems to me that the more popular this genre get's the more erotic the 'telling has become. Was My Girl, is my favorite story because it delves into the psyche of one man who's immaturity and inexperience at love costs him the most precious relationship he's ever known. Though the core of the story is the same, the rewrite has brought about such a great wealth of material that I'm excited to present it to you under the Mynx's pen. Was My Girl is also an excellent example of the supreme masterful storytelling done by Madame Z. Known for writing dark, sometimes speculative fiction, the pre-quel to Was My Girl is something you must read! Make sure to stay tuned for the release date, and information on the pre-quel. I can't wait to hear what you lovely ladies think!